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Clinicians do not follow guidelines for diagnosing hypertension

AHA Hypertension 2020
Reuters Health - 10/09/2020 - Clinicians commonly do not follow U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations for diagnosing hypertension, according to a survey and a related study. USPSTF recommends out-of-office blood pressure measurements before making a new diagnosis of hypertension, using 24-hour ambulatory (ABPM) or home blood pressure monitoring. "We need more out-of-office BP monitoring," Dr. Beverly Green of Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, in Seattle, told Reuters Health by email. "BPs from one clinic visit, even when done with an automated office BP protocol (AOBP), should not be used to replace out-of-office BPs for diagnosing hypertension." Dr. Green and colleagues presented their findings at the American Heart Association Hypertension 2020 Virtual Scientific Sessions. The team evaluated provider knowledge, beliefs, and practices about blood pressure diagnostic tests in their survey of 282 providers, i...

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