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Elderly NSTEMI patients benefit from invasive treatment

The Lancet
Reuters Health - 03/09/2020 - Invasive treatment gives patients 80 years and older with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) a five-year survival advantage along with fewer admissions for heart failure, a UK study suggests. Researchers examined data on patients 80 and older who underwent troponin measurements and were diagnosed with NSTEMI from 2010 to 2017. Out of 1,976 patients, 101 died within three days of their peak troponin concentration and 375 were excluded due to extreme propensity scores, leaving a study population of 1,500. Patients in the study had a median age of 86 years, and 845 (56%) received non-invasive management for NSTEMI. During a median follow-up of three years, 613 patients (41%) died. Researchers calculated that adjusted cumulative 5-year mortality was 36% with invasive management and 55% with non-invasive management (adjusted hazard ratio 0.68). "Although invasive treatment is generally safe, risk of complications, ...

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