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Salt substitution programme successful in lowering blood pressure

ESC 2019
A Peruvian sodium reduction intervention lowered blood pressure across communities,. It had particular benefits in people with hypertension, and was also capable of reducing new cases of hypertension. Salt consumption remains a worrisome feature in the diet of many people around the world. Researchers from the CRONICAS Centre of Excellence in Chronic Diseases at the Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University in Lima, Peru tested the use of a salt substitute which contained 75% sodium and 25% potassium. The salt substitute was made with equal parts of normal salt (100% sodium) and a commercially available low-sodium product (50% sodium, 50% potassium). Between 2014 and 2017, a randomised trial was conducted in 6 villages in a region which had high levels of sodium consumption and hypertension. Blood pressure of participants was measured at the beginning of the study and every 5 months thereafter (total: 7 measurements). A total of 2,376 people were involved in th...

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