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Letter from the Editor

Prof. Gert Ossenkoppele, VU University Medical Center, the Netherlands
ASH 2018
Dear Reader,

To compose a selection of important papers presented at ASH is always difficult. Which to show and which to neglect? However, a selection is necessary because of the many thousands of abstracts that were presented and already survived a critical review by ASH reviewers. We tried to stick to papers that are really important for the daily clinical practice now or in the near future. Of special interest at this year’s ASH were the papers on AML. For the first time in many years, several new drugs showed up and are really practice-changing already now or will be very soon. Targeted treatment is emerging as well as immunotherapy. CAR T cell therapy is very promising and abstracts in non-Hodgkin lymphoma are also summarized in this review.

Furthermore, you can read summaries in the field of hemostasis and thrombosis as well as nonmalignant hematology.

We hope that you will enjoy this selection of summarized abstracts and are convinced that they give a quick overview of many important abstracts.

Best regards,

Gert Ossenkoppele


Professor Gert Ossenkoppele was appointed in 2003 as professor of Hematology at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Gert Ossenkoppele has authored over 390 publications in peer-reviewed journals and is an invited speaker at many international scientific meetings. His research interests are mainly translational and include the (stem cell) biology of AML, leukemic stem cell target discovery, immunotherapy, and measurable residual disease (MRD) detection using flow cytometry to inform treatment of AML. He is the PI of various clinical trials in myeloid malignancies. He chairs the AML working party of HOVON (Dutch-Belgian Hematology Trial Group) and is appointed as vice-chair of the HOVON Executive Board. He is a lead participant of the AML Work package of the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) as well as a board member of the ELN foundation. He is recently appointed as chair of the EHA Educational Committee. He chairs the AML Scientific working group of EHA, and he is chair of the Global and EU steering committee of the AMLGlobalPortal an educational portal for hematologists (www.amlglobalportal.com).

Conflict of Interest Statement:

Prof. Ossenkoppele is consultant for Novartis and BMS.

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