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Psoriatic arthritis: Guidelines and best practice

WPPAC 2021
In recent years, many treatment options for patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) have become available, in addition to the traditional adjunctive drugs and DMARDs. These include biologic agents, targeted synthetic DMARDs, JAK inhibitors, PDE4 inhibitors, and many agents in development [1]. Prof. Philip Mease (Swedish Medical Center, WA, USA) discussed several new drugs on the block, with a focus on drugs that have recently been approved or will be approved in the near future, including IL-17 blockers, IL-23 blockers, and JAK inhibitors [2,3]. Results from the phase 2b BE ACTIVE study (NCT02969525) on IL-17A/F blocker bimekizumab and the phase 3 PATERA study (NCT03598751) on IL-17A blocker netakimab are promising [4,5]. “We see good musculoskeletal and skin responses wit...

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