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Psoriasis: New treatments and current pipeline

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Prof. Kristian Reich, Dermatologikum Hamburg, Germany
WPPAC 2021
In the last few years, new treatment options have been developed based on new insights into the pathophysiology of psoriasis. In the pathophysiology of psoriasis, dendritic cells are thought to orchestrate and steer the inflammatory process via the release of cytokines [1,2]. One of these prominent cytokines is IL-23, which stimulates T cells. Upregulation of IL-17 is viewed as a central element. In the presence of tumour necrosis factor (TNF), IL-17 is the strongest activator of keratinocyte function. Cytokines produced by keratinocytes signal back to T cells and dendritic cells. “This vicious circle is viewed to contribute to the chronicity of the disease,” Prof. Kristian Reich (Dermatologikum Hamburg, Germany) explained. Recently, Prof. Reich and colleagues showed that IL-23 is produced by inflammatory monocytes; not by dendritic cells [3]. In addition, TNF is produced by dendritic cells, and IL-17 by T cells. It becomes increasingly clear that b...

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