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Psoriasis: New disease severity classification

Presented By
Prof. Lone Skov, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
WPPAC 2021
During a session organised by the International Psoriasis Council (IPC), Prof. Lone Skov (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), co-chair of the Psoriasis Severity Classification working group, presented the new disease classification [1]. The consensus document has recently been published [2]. Founded in 2004, the IPC (www.psoriasiscouncil.org/) is a dermatologist-led, voluntary, global, non-profit organisation with a network of >100 psoriasis experts, thought leaders, and professionals, dedicated to improving patient care around the globe. Their mission is to improve the care of people with psoriasis worldwide through research, education, and advocacy. Previous classification To define whether or not the patient needed systemic treatment, a group of dermatologists from Europe graded psoriasis into mild and moderate-to-severe disease in 2011 [3]...

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