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STARR2: A new approach for treating COPD exacerbations

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Prof. Mona Bafadhel, King’s College London, UK
ERS 2022
Phase 4, STARR2
Point-of-care eosinophil-guided prescription of prednisolone was non-inferior to standard-of-care prescription of prednisolone in treating COPD exacerbations, the multicentre, randomised STARR2 trial showed. A personalised endotype-based prednisolone treatment is possible for patients with COPD and should be implemented in the clinical guidelines, argued the research team. “Corticosteroids are known to increase harm in our patients,” said Prof. Mona Bafadhel (King’s College London, UK) [1]. Evidence suggests that eosinophil-directed oral corticosteroid (OCS) treatment is non-inferior to standard-of-care OCS [2,3]. The multicentre, double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled STARR2 trial (NCT04458636) aimed to confirm these results [1]. Patients with COPD (n=203) were randomised to standard-of-care OCS or blood-eosinophil-directed OCS in the treatment of exa...

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