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Inhaled agent under investigation for COVID-19

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Prof. Tom Wilkinson, University of Southampton, UK
ERS 2022
Inhaled interferon beta-1a did not meet its primary endpoint in patients who were hospitalised with COVID-19 but may improve clinical outcomes in patients with more severe disease or risk factors for disease progression, subgroup analyses displayed. Suggested is to evaluate inhaled interferon beta-1a in patients with severe viral lung infections in general, and in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 that have a more severe disease in particular. “Inhaled interferon beta-1a has demonstrated antiviral activity against a range of respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2,” outlined Prof. Tom Wilkinson (University of Southampton, UK) [1]. Moreover, inhaled delivery optimises the exposure of this agent to the tissue it should target, without ample systemic exposure [2,3]. Positive phase 2 results of this agent in COVID-19 led to the unfoldment of the phase 3 SPRINTER trial (

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