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Do digital tools improve physical activity in COPD? Absolutely

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Prof. Andre Nyberg, University of Umeå, Sweden
ERS 2022
Compared with usual care, a web-based, self-management support tool improved the physical activity levels of patients with COPD, preliminary results of a randomised-controlled trial showed. Physical activity  has been associated with clinical benefits for patients with COPD, however, it is unclear which type of intervention results in the largest behavioural change [1]. The current randomised-controlled trial, presented by Prof. Andre Nyberg (University of Umeå, Sweden), included 146 patients with COPD to evaluate the effect of a web-based support tool on physical activity [2]. In the control arm, participants received usual care, a folder about physical activity in COPD and a step counter. In the intervention arm, the participants received the options from the control arm plus access to the so-called COPD-web, including information on the benefits of physical activity, how to increase physical activity, exercises, and reminder messages. After 3 mon...

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