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Brensocatib fails in severe COVID-19

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Ms Holly Keir, University of Dundee, UK
ERS 2022
Brensocatib did not improve the health status of patients with severe COVID-19. Although there was an association between neutrophilic inflammation and mortality in COVID-19 and active neutrophil elastase was decreased in patients who received brensocatib, this did not lead to a clinical benefit for patients. Investigated was whether the oral dipeptidyl peptidase-1 (DPP1) inhibitor brensocatib delivered clinical benefits for patients with hospitalised COVID-19. The included patients (n=404) received brensocatib or placebo for 28 days. The primary endpoint was the improvement participants made on a 7-point WHO ordinal scale representing clinical status after 4 weeks of therapy. Ms Holly Keir (University of Dundee, UK) presented the results. At day 29, 18.7% of the participants in the placebo arm and 14.7% of the participants in the brensocatib arm had reached the most favourable score on the ordinal scale: ‘not hospitalised, no limitations on activi...

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