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Delaying cancer treatment during pandemic likely unnecessary

JAMA Oncology
Reuters Health - 21/12/2020 - Delaying active cancer treatment to avoid SARS-CoV-2 infection should not be routinely recommended, new findings from Italy suggest. "We are reassured by these results, (which) allow oncologists and patients to make informed decisions regarding antitumor treatment during this pandemic," said Dr. Carlo Aschele of Ospedale Sant'Andrea in La Spezia. "At the time the study was (conceptualized) and designed, early reports from China indicated a much higher risk of COVID-19 among oncologic patients compared to the general population," he told Reuters Health by email. "In Italy, oncologists, and patients as well, were terrified, expecting to face a huge amount of infections and death, particularly among patients receiving chemo or immunotherapy." To investigate, the team analyzed data on close to 60,000 patients treated between January and May in 118 medical-oncology units throughout Italy. Overall, 406 patients (0.68%) developed...

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