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Precision medicine for poor-prognosis paediatric patients

Prof. Cornelis van Tilburg, Hopp Children’s Cancer Center, Germany
ASCO 2020
Featured video: INFORM study examining use of precision medicine for pediatric cancers with poor prognosis.   In-depth tumour molecular characterisation of children and adolescents who have relapsed after initial therapy, and for whom there are no established treatment concepts available, can offer diagnostic insight and potential novel therapeutic approaches. Prof. Cornelis van Tilburg (Hopp Children’s Cancer Center, Germany) presented the INdividualized therapy FOr children with Relapsed Malignancies (INFORM) registry study [1]. INFORM evaluates the clinical potential of precision oncology in children by identifying molecular targets of (off-label) treatment, identifying potential biomarkers for clinical trials or other uses, and providing additional diagnostic precision (diagnostic refinement). INFORM gives ch...

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