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Interval breast cancers often more aggressive

JAMA Network Open
Reuters Health - 01/10/2020 - Interval breast cancers (IBC) - those detected between routine mammography screening - are often more aggressive and more likely to lead to death than screen-detected breast cancers (SBC), a retrospective study from Canada has found. "Our study re-enforces the fact that screening mammography is far from perfect, detects less aggressive cancers that are less likely to be life-threatening, and that the really aggressive cancers still show up clinically after a normal screening mammogram," Dr. Saroj Niraula, associate professor, University of Manitoba and medical oncologist, CancerCare Manitoba, told Reuters Health by email. The researchers analyzed data on 69,025 women (ages 50 to 64) who underwent a total of more than 212,000 mammograms between 2004 and 2010. Among the 1,687 invasive breast cancers detected, 705 were SBC, 206 were IBC, 275 were diagnosed in noncompliant women for whom more than two years had elapsed since from their last...

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