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Worldwide survey shows substantial burden of migraine

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Dr D.D. Mitsikostas
MTIS 2020
A survey from a large population of patients worldwide shows the substantial burden of migraine. These results indicate that migraine has a substantial negative impact on patients’ lives and their familial, social, and professional environment. As the second leading cause of years lived with disability, migraine is associated with a substantial personal burden for patients, their families, social circles, and employers. The current study aimed to evaluate patient perceptions of the impact and burden of migraine, as well as patient perception of migraine diagnosis and treatment, stigma, and migraine awareness and support [1]. A brief digital survey (~12 minutes) was completed by approximately 12,500 adult patients diagnosed with migraine who self-reported ≥4 days of migraine per month. Data was collected between November and December 2019 across 16 countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. The majority of patients was 25­–54 years of a...

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