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Unique Alzheimer’s disease risk loci found in African Americans

JAMA Neurology
Reuters Health - 23/10/2020 - Researchers have identified several Alzheimer's disease risk loci unique to African Americans, according to a new report. The novel risk loci are near or within genes involved in immunity, lipid processing and intracellular-trafficking pathways, Dr. Christiane Reitz of the Taub Institute for Research on the Aging Brain at Columbia University in New York City and colleagues found. "These results really help us to understand which kinds of mechanisms and molecular pathways are involved in African Americans and Alzheimer's disease. They point to the same pathway that we have pinpointed in non-Hispanic whites," Dr. Reitz told Reuters Health by phone. In other diseases involving multiple genes, such as diabetes, a similar pattern has been observed, Dr. Reitz noted, with the same molecular pathway across ethnic groups, but differences in the genes involved among ethnic groups. Over 20 modest-effect AD risk loci have been found, ...

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