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Flying after concussion may not affect symptoms, recovery

JAMA Network Open
Reuters Health - 07/12/2020 - Boarding an airplane within 72 hours of a concussion may not influence the severity of symptoms or the recovery process, according to a new report. College athletes and military cadets, in particular, could benefit from additional guidelines about when to fly after they've experienced a concussion, the authors write in JAMA Network Open. "Athletes fly to and from games several times during a season. It is important to know if flying shortly after sustaining a concussion may affect their recovery and prevent them from completing their season," lead author Dr. Tara Sharma of the University of Washington Medical Center, in Seattle, told Reuters Health by email. Concussions, which are a form of mild traumatic brain injury, often lead to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, insomnia and difficulty with concentration and memory. Studies have shown that symptoms can deepen due to sleep deprivation, certain drugs...

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