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Immune therapy of multiple myeloma

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Prof. Noopur Raje, Massachusetts General Cancer Center, USA
EHA 2021
Several recent clinical trials for immuno- and cellular therapies in myeloma have shown promising efficacy and safety results, paving the way for increased efficacy by combining or sequencing novel therapies. Prof. Noopur Raje (Massachusetts General Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School, USA) presented an overview on targeted immune stimulation therapies in multiple myeloma (MM) [1]. Multiple treatments are currently under development or were recently approved that harness the immune system and specifically redirect T cells. One such exciting target in MM is B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA), an antigen expressed on plasma and myeloma cells, with higher expression on the latter. BCMA promotes myeloma cell growth and immunosuppression in the bone marrow [2]. Serum BCMA is elevated in MM and correlates with disease status and decreased survival, and many different immunotherapies are being developed: BCMA-CAR-T cells, BCMA-ADC (antibody-drug conjuga...

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