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Haemostatic abnormalities are associated with mortality in COVID-19

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Dr Yu Hu, Wuhan Union Hospital, China
EHA 2021
COVID-19 causes a variety of abnormalities in thrombosis and haemostasis. Several studies have demonstrated that the severity grade of coagulopathies is significantly associated with the severity of COVID-19 disease progression and mortality. COVID-19 is a systemic infectious disease affecting various organ systems and thus causing a broad variety of symptoms, including haematological abnormalities, such as thrombosis, embolism, and petechiae [1]. In a single-centre, retrospective cohort study (n=380) looking at complications of 55 non-survivors, acute respiratory distress syndrome was present in 69%, septic shock in 20%, disseminated intravenous coagulation (DIC) in 15% and venous thromboembolism (VTE) in 5% [2]. Dr Yu Hu (Wuhan Union Hospital, China) discussed coagulopathies in COVID-19 in further detail [3]. Dr Hu noted that patients with fatal COVID-19 had a significantly higher level of D-dimer compared with COVID-19-survivors, as well as incre...

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