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Introduction to the Conference Report of the EHA

EHA 2019
More than 12,600 haematology professionals from around the world (41 countries in Europe/ 82 countries outside of Europe) met together for the 24th European Hematology Association (EHA) Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 13-16 June, 2019.

The 4-day program combined a broad range of topics from the rapidly evolving field of haematology. Updates on the diagnosis and management of patients with haematological disorders, as well as presentations on the cutting edge of basic, translational and clinical research were presented in over 400 sessions of invited presentations, abstract presentations and sponsored sessions from EHA’s industry partners. Original unpublished data formed the core of the program, with some large clinical trials pushing the evidence-base of primary clinical relevance, with likely practice-changing outcomes.

Two topics-in-focus were highlighted as well at this meeting, because of their impending high-impact in this field: advances in haemoglobinopathies and immunotherapy. Within the area of haemoglobinopathies, several promising developments in sickle cell disease management will bring changes to daily practice in the near future. For immunotherapy, CAR T-cell therapy has been marked by particularly rapid success in the clinic, with steadily better results, as we start to understand the safety profile and underlying biology modulating response. This year was the start of implementing such focussed programs aimed at raising awareness, providing education, furthering research, and building a network of experts with the ultimate goal to improve patient care. This Conference Report aims to bring the conference to the physician, by summarising the main points of interest in a peer-reviewed and balanced manner.

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