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Vitiligo-childhood onset commonly under 10 years

SPIN 2022
In a Tunisian single-centre study, over half of the children with vitiligo were 1–8 years old at diagnosis. Due to the lack of a standard, administered therapies varied with a preference for topical corticosteroids (TCS) in monotherapy or combination treatment. To gather insight into childhood-onset vitiligo, a single-centre study on clinical profile and therapeutic management was conducted in Tunisia. The study included 205 young patients observed from 2006 to 2021 [1]. It comprised a little more girls than boys, with a mean age of 10.2. On average, 14 months passed before the diagnosis, and 55% of the children had an early onset at the age of 1–8 years at first lesion manifestation. Common vitiligo constituted the great majority of clinical varieties (93.2%). Segmental, guttate, and linear vitiligo only presented in a few cases. Face (44%), lower (36.5%), and upper limbs (25.4%) were involved most often. Over half of the children presented with generali...

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