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SPIN 2022 Highlights Podcast

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Robert van den Heuvel, Medicom
SPIN 2022

In this episode (16:05), Medicom’s correspondent covers 6 presentations from the Skin Inflammation & Psoriasis International Network (SPIN) annual meeting, held in Paris, France from 06-08 July 2022.
The topics discussed are:

  1. Bimekizumab versus secukinumab in psoriasis: superior response and maintenance rates with IL-17A/17F inhibition
    In the phase 3b BE RADIANT trial, the IL-17A/17F antibody bimekizumab outperformed secukinumab in primary response rates and maintenance. Patients who achieved Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) ≤2 at week 16 showed effect continuation to 48 weeks in 88.0% and 79.1% of those treated with bimekizumab and secukinumab, respectively.
  2. Ixekizumab: high clearance rates of difficult-to-treat areas in children with psoriasis
    Body areas that may be of special relevance to the quality-of-life in paediatric patients showed a good response to ixekizumab after 108 weeks of treatment. Genital psoriasis, for example, was cleared in 87.5% of patients.
  3. Certolizumab shows benefit for anxiety and depression in psoriasis
    A pooled analysis of the phase 3 CIMPASI-1 and -2 trials revealed that certolizumab, used to treat psoriasis, may also simultaneously ameliorate depression or anxiety. Almost half of the depressive and nearly one-third of the anxiety patients achieved a status of “no anxiety/depression present”.
  4. Generalised pustular psoriasis: IL-36 inhibitor effective across all subgroups
    A subgroup analysis of the phase 2 trial Effisayil 1 demonstrated the efficacy of the interleukin (IL)-36 receptor antibody spesolimab across different pre-specified subgroups. Interestingly, spesolimab was also effective in patients with IL36RN mutation status.
  5. GPP flares: one-quarter of patients receive no treatment
    An American study assessed the characteristics and management of general pustular psoriasis (GPP) flares as depicted in US healthcare records from 2015 to 2020. Despite the severe symptoms, the study revealed a distinct under-treatment: many patients were not treated at all or were prescribed topical steroids only.
  6. Better social and sexual life associated with greater PASI reductions in patients with psoriasis
    An analysis of the phase 3 trials VOYAGE 1 and VOYAGE 2 revealed that therapy with guselkumab and adalimumab improved social relationships and sexual health in patients with psoriasis compared with placebo at week 12. At week 24, a significant difference in favour of guselkumab versus adalimumab was also found. In general, impairment in these domains was more pronounced in women.

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