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Dose tapering in psoriasis is associated with a low relapse rate

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Dr Juan Raul Castro Ayarza , Medicarte, Colombia
SPIN 2022
Among investigated psoriasis patients receiving biologics, 88% remained in sustained clinical response after 8 months of dose tapering. The low relapse rate, together with remarkable cost savings, supports this approach as an effective strategy for treating psoriasis. Biologic therapy results in long-term low disease activity or even clinical remission in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis; the downside is the high costs. Dr Juan Raul Castro Ayarza (Medicarte, Colombia) and his team performed a cohort study to investigate whether optimisation of treatment by a progressive dose reduction or increase of the administration interval can still prevent relapses in these patients [1]. Patients presenting with psoriasis to a specialised, multicentre health institution in Colombia who were above 18 years of age and treated with biologic therapy with a sustained response for at least 12 months were included. They were treated with different biologica...

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