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Alopecia areata: light at the end of the tunnel

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Prof. Maryanne Senna , Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
SPIN 2022
Alopecia areata (AA) has lacked effective treatment options for decades, and there is an unmet medical need for a reliable therapy in moderate-to-severe cases. With the approval of the first JAK inhibitor pending, there is a treatment for severe cases, “enfin”. AA is a chronic relapsing inflammatory disorder characterised by a non-scarring hair loss on the scalp and/or body. “Being able to do something for these patients has been life-altering for them,” said Prof. Maryanne Senna (Harvard Medical School, MA, USA) [1]. Hair loss has important implications regarding self-image, attractiveness, desirability, youthfulness, and self-esteem. “There is an insufficient acceptance that hair loss is an important medical problem,” she said. With a global prevalence of 2%, AA affects both sexes and has an initial onset typically before age 30. Around 10–20% of the patients will develop alopecia totalis. “In the US, until June 2022, no approved treatments for AA...

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