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First-in-class gel shows promise for basal-cell carcinoma

Clinical Cancer Research
Reuters Health - 13/08/2021 - A first-in-class topical histone deacetylation (HDAC) inhibitor has shown promise in the treatment of basal-cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. "Our study was a proof-of-principle study that demonstrated that a topical HDAC inhibitor can shrink the majority of basal cell cancers and lead to complete resolution in half of them," Dr. Kavita Sarin of Stanford University in California told Reuters Health by email. "The ultimate goal is to develop a topical therapy that can replace surgery for the majority of patients with basal-cell cancer. For this to be achieved, we need a therapy that is well-tolerated, highly effective, and durable, meaning that the basal-cell cancer does not recur after the therapy is discontinued. A topical therapy would enable patients to avoid the scarring and morbidity of surgical excision," said Dr. Sarin. In this phase-2 clinical trial, Dr. Sarin and colleagues evaluated the safety and eff...

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