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EADV 2023 Highlights Podcast

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Dr Rachel Giles, Medicom
EADV 2023

In this episode (20:15), Medicom’s correspondent covers 6 presentations from the annual meeting of the European Academy Dermatology and Venereology (EADV Congress 2023), held in Berlin, Germany, from 11–14 October 2023.

The topics discussed are:

  1. Women with psoriasis face increased adverse effects with systemic therapy
    Long-term conventional systemic therapies in psoriasis lead to higher drug-related adverse events and treatment discontinuation rates compared with biologics. Women experienced significantly increased toxic effects across treatments, emphasising the importance of sex-specific factors in personalised psoriasis management.
  2. Botanical drug solution improves hair regrowth in children and adolescents with AA
    Twice-daily treatment with a solution containing plant extracts led to sustained hair regrowth in children and adolescents with alopecia areata (AA) in the phase 2/3 RAAINBOW trial. The solution was well tolerated and effective beyond the period of application.
  3. Topical tapinarof – a rising star in atopic dermatitis
    The phase 3 results for tapinarof cream show its great potential as a new agent for treating atopic dermatitis (AD) from an early age. Over 45% of participants met the primary endpoint of clear or almost clear skin measured by the validated Investigator Global Assessment for Atopic Dermatitis (vIGA-AD) after 8 weeks.
  4. Vitiligo: Oral JAK1 inhibitor induces increasing repigmentation over time
    Continuing povorcitinib treatment in an open-extension period after a 6-month double-blind phase resulted in additional repigmentation in a considerable percentage of participants with vitiligo in a phase 2b trial. In further observation, an off-treatment response durability was seen
  5. Remibrutinib reduces itch, sleep, and activity impairment in patients with CSU
    Across 6 different dosages of remibrutinib, patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) benefitted in symptoms such as itch, sleep, and activity. Most of the improvements were already present after 2 weeks.
  6. Differential effect of biologics for psoriasis on the risk of developing arthritis
    A practice study including 7,144 biologic-naïve patients with psoriasis revealed that therapy with IL-23 blockers was associated with a lower risk of developing inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis arthritis (PsA). However, to exclude a possible bias in this analysis, more data on the impact of different biologics is warranted.

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