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High maintenance rates for novel IL-13 inhibitor in AD

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Prof. Andrew Blauvelt, Oregon Medical Research Center, OR, USA
EADV 2022
Phase 3, ADvocate 1/2
Responders of the phase 3 trials ADvocate 1 and 2, assessing efficacy and safety of lebrikizumab in atopic dermatitis (AD), were included in a maintenance phase until week 52. Depending on the chosen dosing interval, up to 80.6% of patients remained clear or almost clear of lesions according to the Investigator Global Assessment (IGA) scale from weeks 16 to 52. The phase 3 ADvocate 1 and 2 trials (NCT04146363, NCT04178967) investigated monotherapy with lebrikizumab versus placebo in patients with moderate-to-severe AD [1]. “We are going to talk about people who responded in the initial 16 weeks and then what happened to them over the course of 52 weeks,” Prof. Andrew Blauvelt (Oregon Medical Research Center, OR, USA) pointed out. Responders were adolescents (≥ 12 years) and...

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