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Lifelong benefits of statin therapy

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Dr. Runguo Wu, Queen Mary University of London, UK
ESC Congress 2022
Stopping statin treatment early could substantially reduce lifetime protection against heart disease since a large share of the benefit occurs later in life, according to findings from a modelling study presented at ESC Congress 2022, held in Barcelona, Spain, 26-29 August 2022 [1]. Lead author Dr. Runguo Wu of Queen Mary University of London, UK summarized the results: “The study indicates that people in their 40s with a high likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, and people of all ages with existing heart disease, should be considered for immediate initiation of cholesterol lowering treatment. Stopping treatment, unless advised by a doctor, does not appear to be a wise choice.” Despite wide use, statin therapy initiation and duration of therapy have yet to be optimised. In this study, the researchers estimated the accumulation of benefit with statins according to age at therapy initiation using a microsimulation model that was developed ...

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