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Letter from the Editor

Prof. Marc P. Bonaca, University of Colorado, USA
ISTH 2020
Dear Reader, Thank you for your interest in Medicom’s summary of the ISTH 2020 congress. So far in 2020 we have transitioned to virtual congresses as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of these challenges, this year’s meeting was rich with novel science ranging from haemophilia to venous thromboembolism. Focused sessions on anticoagulation provide novel insights for patients with cancer and atrial fibrillation as well as use during pregnancy. Finally. Focused sessions on COVID-19 continue to elucidate the underlying biology of this condition including associated inflammation and coagulopathy. Early data evaluating risk of thrombosis during and after hospitalization as well as the role of anticoagulation underscores the complexity of optimal treatment in this growing pandemic. We hope you find these summaries balanced, insightful and interesting. Most of all, we hope you are safe and healthy, and we wish you the best during these challengin...

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