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AI-enhanced echography supports aortic stenosis patients

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Prof. Geoffrey Strange, University of Notre Dame, Australia
ESC 2022
Echocardiography to assess aortic stenosis severity, supported by a novel artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, can better identify aortic stenosis patients at high risk of death who could benefit from treatment, according to findings from the AI-ENHANCED AS study. Prof. Geoffrey Strange (University of Notre Dame, Australia) pointed out that although echography can assess peak velocity, mean pressure gradient, and aortic valve area, the severity score determining the treatment plan varies from site to site. AI-ENHANCED AS examined whether an AI algorithm could methodologically support the accurate identification of moderate-to-severe and severe aortic stenosis phenotypes associated with high 5-year mortality. To that end, researchers developed the AI-Decision Support Algorithm (AI-DSA) and trained it using randomly selected data from 70% patients in the National Echo Database of Australia (NEDA), which contains more than 1,000,000 echocardiograms from ov...

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