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Therapeutic heparin dosage benefits COVID-19 in-hospital patients 

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Prof. Alex Spyropoulos, Northwell Health, NY, USA
ESC 2021
Thromboprophylaxis with a therapeutic dose of heparin signifcantly reduced the risk of major thromboembolic events in hospitalised COVID-19 patients compared with standard therapy in the HEP-COVID trial. This benefit was only observed in those not requiring treatment in the ICU [1]. The HEP-COVID trial (NCT04401293) was designed to investigate the optimal regimen for thromboprophylaxis in high-risk, hospitalised patients with COVID-19. The study included 253 adult patients hospitalised with a COVID-19, requiring oxygen supplementation, who had either D-dimer of 4x the upper normal limit or a sepsis-induced coagulopathy (SIC) score of ≥4. They were randomised to 2 subgroups of ICU and non-ICU treatment and further to subcutaneous enoxaparin 1mg/kg twice daily or standard of care /intermediate-dose heparin (SOC group) over 10+4 days or until discharge. Prior to disch...

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