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‘Quadpill’ more successful in reducing BP than monotherapy

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Prof. Clara Chow, University of Sydney, Australia
ESC 2021
Starting with a quadruple combination of hypertensive agents in tiny doses showed to be more effective than standard monotherapy in blood pressure (BP) control. The QUARTET study demonstrated that simplicity is key to improve BP management [1,2]. Despite available medications, BP control is poor globally. Most patients need at least 2 medications, treatment inertia is common, and patients have concerns regarding adverse events. Prof. Clara Chow (University of Sydney, Australia) pointed to a previous pilot study of her team that suggested that simplified strategies using low-dose, single-pill combinations might be a way to overcome barriers to BP control. In this study, a single pill with a quarter dose was more effective than monotherapy with a usual dose. “This study was the rationale to perform the double-blind, randomised-controlled QUARTET (...

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