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COVID-19 associated with higher VTE rates relative to influenza

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Dr Milou Stals, Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands
ISTH 2020
  COVID-19 patients showed much higher rates of thrombotic complications compared with influenza patients. Dutch study results suggest this may be due to possible specific effects of SARS-CoV-2 on the coagulation system. “An activation of blood coagulation was already announced in the first studies on COVID-19 patients at the beginning of this year,” stated Dr Milou Stals (Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands) [1]. Up to about 50% COVID-19 patients in ICU sustain thrombotic complications, with 87% of them experiencing pulmonary embolism and 7% ischaemic stroke [2,3]. In general-ward patients, the incidence is suggested to be 5-10 % [3,4]. The presented retrospective cohort study aimed to compare the cumulative incidence of thrombotic events of hospitalised COVID-19 patients and hospitalised influenza patients [1]. These results intended to clarify whether thrombotic complications are prompted through the presence of ...

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