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AHA 2020: Polypill + aspirin prevents cardiovascular events

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Prof. Salim Yusuf , Population Health Research Institute, Hamilton, Canada
Physician’s Weekly
AHA Scientific Sessions 2020
Participants without cardiovascular disease but who were at increased risk were randomly assigned to receive a polypill (i.e. 1 statin with 3 blood pressure-lowering drugs) or placebo and to receive aspirin or placebo. With 4.6 years follow-up, the incidence of cardiovascular events was lower among participants receiving both the polypill and aspirin than among those receiving both placebos. Our journalist interviews the lead study investigator, Prof. Salim Yusuf (Population Health Research Institute, Hamilton, Canada) who presented the results of the TIPS-3 trial at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2020 [1]. TIPS-3 randomised 5,713 people, ...

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