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10% intensive cardiac care unit patients use Illicit drugs

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Dr. Theo Pezel, Hospital Lariboisiere, Paris, France
ESC Congress 2022
Findings from a new study show that Illicit drug use is associated with a nearly 9-fold greater risk of death or life-threatening emergencies in intensive cardiac care unit (ICCU) patients, according to research presented at ESC Congress on 26 August, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain [1]. Dr. Theo Pezel (Hospital Lariboisiere, Paris, France) presented the results of the Addiction in Intensive Cardiac Care Units (ADDICT-ICCU; NCT05063097) study, which assessed the prevalence of illicit drug use and the association with in-hospital major adverse events in consecutive patients admitted for acute cardiovascular events. From 7 to 22 April 2021, all consecutive patients admitted to ICCU in 39 centres throughout France provided a urine sample which was tested for illegal drugs. The primary outcome was the prevalence of illegal drug use. The secondary outcome was in-hospital major...

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