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Nitroglycerin-induced cluster headache attacks characterised comprehensively

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Dr Diana Y. Wei, King's College London, UK
MTIS 2020
Results from the first single-blind, placebo-controlled study using intravenous nitroglycerin in cluster headache were presented at the MTIS 2020 Virtual Symposium [1]. Weight-adjusted intravenous nitroglycerin effectively and reliably induced cluster headache attacks, cranial autonomic symptoms, and non-headache symptoms in cluster headache patients. Cluster headache is a primary headache disorder characterised by recurrent attacks of unilateral excruciating headache, ipsilateral cranial autonomic symptoms, and agitation. Attacks last 15-180 minutes and can recur up to 8 times a day. Due to the episodic nature of cluster headache, nitroglycerin has been used as a method to induce cluster headache attacks for decades. However, the primary route of administration was sublingual, which has an unreliable bioavailability. Therefore, the current study used weight-adjusted intravenous nitroglycerin (0.5 μg/kg/min). This single-blind, placebo-contr...

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