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Letter from the Editor

Dr. Stefan Rauh  
ESMO 2018

Dear Reader, 

I am delighted to introduce this year’s Medicom Conference Report of the ESMO Congress, which took place from 19-23 October in Munich. 

A total of 28,000 attendees from 138 countries is again a record, which is becoming a yearly tradition by now. ESMO members have more than doubled in the last years and have reached over 20,000 by the end of this year’s congress. 

With 75% of its programme being scientific (rather than educational), it comes as no surprise that the conference was again loaded with important study results; some of which truly practice changing. In consequence, 13 abstracts have been simultaneously published in the highestranking medical journals.  

In this report, you will find hallmark studies involving PIC3K inhibitors, the entry of immunotherapy in triple negative, metastatic breast cancer as well as advanced head and neck cancer,  new potential standards in renal cell cancer, and firstline ovarian cancer (also underlying the importance of identifying subpopulations benefitting from targeting therapy) as well as data consolidating the roleof new combined androgen deprivation therapy and the role of irradiating the primary tumour in advanced prostate cancer.  

Enjoy reading our peer-reviewed report on the ESMO 2018 Congress! 

Yours sincerely,  

Stefan Rauh  

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