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Netrin-1 regulates haematopoietic stem cells

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Dr Simon Renders, German Cancer Research Centre, Germany
EHA 2020
Using murine models, the ligand/receptor pair Netrin-1/Neogenin is identified as novel signalling axis in bone marrow niches. The role of Netrin-1/Neogenin in maintenance of haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) dormancy and rejuvenation may possibly occur through periarteriolar cells. By performing DNA-methylome, proteome, as well as single-cell RNA-sequencing analyses on multipotent progenitor (MPP) populations and dormant/active HSCs in mouse models, Dr Simon Renders (German Cancer Research Centre, Germany) and colleagues found distinct and high expression of the Neogenin (Neo1) receptor in dormant HSCs [1]. Neo1 expression is increased in aged HSCs, as well. Neo1 was first described as an axon guidance factor that binds neural guidance molecules including Netrin-1 (Ntn1). The hypothesis tested in murine models was whether Neo1 and its ligands may preserve HSC dormancy, self-renewal, and function. Using murine gene edit...

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