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Fibromyalgia patients often experienced abuse in childhood

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Dr Carmen Gota, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
ACR 2019
According to a study including 593 patients, physical and/or sexual abuse in childhood often leads to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia later in life [1]. Many factors have been associated with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), among them genetic factors, lack of physical exercise, mood disorders, maladaptive pain responses, and both current and past stressors, including a history of abuse. However, this has not been looked at in detail. Therefore, Dr Carmen Gota (Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA) examined the predictive role of a history of abuse on FMS severity measures, and the association between self-reported abuse and socioeconomic status, symptoms, psychiatric comorbidities, and disability. All consecutive patients clinically diagnosed with FMS (n=593) who answered the question ‘Do you have a history of abuse?’ were enrolled. A history of abuse was reported by 223 patients: sexual abuse by 125 (56.5%), physical abuse by 155 (69.5%), and both by 78 (34.9%).

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