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Off-the-shelf natural killer cells

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Dr Jode Goodridge, Fate Therapeutics, USA
ASH 2019
Preclinical studies have provided the first evidence that cellular immunotherapy for B-cell cancers could ultimately become an off-the-shelf product, capable of being uniformly manufactured in large quantities, independent of the individual patient. FT596 is among the first cellular immunotherapies to be based on natural killer cells mass produced by inducible pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in the lab, and is the first cellular immunotherapy to be genetically engineered to contain 3 active anti-tumour components. Dr Jode Goodridge (Fate Therapeutics, USA) described the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-induced natural killer cell product, referred to as FT596 [1]. The FT596 platform circumvents some of the hurdles posed by conventional CAR19 T-cell therapy, such as product heterogeneity, and persistence of effect. Producing FT596 begins with human iPSCs that are capable of unlimited self-renewal and can differentiate into more than 200 types of human cells. ...

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