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Novel solution of levodopa/carbidopa prodrugs via CSCI

EAN 2019
ABBV-951 is a novel solution of levodopa and carbidopa prodrugs delivered via minimally invasive continuous subcutaneous infusion (CSCI). It was safe, generally well-tolerated, and did not cause notable skin reactions at low -yet clinically relevant- doses administered in a confined area of the abdomen continuously for 10 consecutive days [1]. A dose of ABBV-951 equivalent to ~600 mg of levodopa and an equal volume of saline were administered in two demarcated areas, 5 cm in diameter, on opposite sides of the abdomen of 34 healthy volunteers. Infusion sets were changed and reapplied daily on the same skin surface. There were no notable skin reactions in the ABBV-951 site, and only one in the placebo site. There was no significant difference between ABBV-951 and placebo in outcomes of dermatological assessment via the Infusion Site Evaluation scales (P=0.820; P=0.363). The most frequently reported adverse events were infusion site erythema (92%); infusion s...

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