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Vitiligo in children

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Prof. Pearl Grimes, Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute of Southern California, USA
AAD 2019

Half of all vitiligo patients have an onset before the age of 20, and children comprise 25% of all vitiligo patients. “If this disorder begins in childhood, it is often associated with profound emotional trauma. Affected children often have longstanding social adjustment issues,” said Prof. Pearl Grimes (Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute of Southern California, USA) [1].

Most bothersome sites are the face and legs. If the disease starts early, it has a greater severity. Vitiligo is seen more frequent in children with atopic dermatitis [2]. Ezzedine et al. (2014) identify 2 clinical subtypes of vitiligo: those with early onset disease (<12 years) are characterised by a family history of vitiligo, a family history of premature greying, and halo nevi; those with late onset disease (>12 years) often have acrofacial localisation [3]. Research has shown that cosmetic camouflage leads to a significant improvement in quality of life in children with viti...

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