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Food triggers eczema – an imperturbable belief of patients

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Dr Peter Lio, Northwestern University Chicago, USA
AAD 2019

Dr Peter Lio (Northwestern University Chicago, USA) discussed possible food triggers in eczema patients [1]. The role of food allergies is not only an important issue for patients but also for clinicians.

Patients are often convinced that food is the main driver of their atopic dermatitis (AD), or parents believe it is a trigger in their children with AD. Studies have shown that there is indeed an increased risk of true food allergy in patients with AD, which is positively correlated to an increasing severity of the disease. Severely affected infants have a nearly 6 times elevated relative risk for an IgE-mediated food allergy [2]. Roughly one third of children with AD have IgE-mediated food allergy [3]. “Many patients believe that food allergy is what is driving their eczema, and that is the part we do not really think bears out in clinical trials,” said Dr Lio. According to his experience, patients perceive adverse reactions to food at a rate 10 times as...

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